Relevance, Confidence, Score

Relevance: How relevant a company to the news story. A news story can mention sometimes 5 to 10 companies. But mostly the News story is about one or two companies. Those main companies will get high relevance score (80%).

Relevance score can be 0% (for example Reuters is mentioned in a News story because it is the News provider. But the story has nothing to do with Thomson Reuters).

Relevance 20% is low – i.e. the company is mentioned but with minimal importance to the story – the story is not about this company in particular.

“Continuous relevance” is a more granular version of the relevance score (more granular than 0, 20, 50, 80%).


Confidence: How confident Intelligent Tagging that the actual entity is of the correct type. I.e. how confident Intelligent Tagging that “Johnson & Johnson” identified as a Company entity, is really a company entity and not a Person. The higher the score (0 to 1) the higher probability this is indeed a company. Users may want to use this as a noise reduction filter – e.g. ignore all entities with confidence lower than 70%.


Score: This is the confidence in matching to the Organization Authority (OA). Intelligent Tagging tries to find a company name in OA . The higher the Score,the higher the probability that Intelligent Tagging matched the correct company record and found the correct PermID for that company.


Ofer Harari


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