Questions on identity-management in Intelligent Tagging powered by Calais

Here are questions I have been asked, and my response:

What types of metadata elements Intelligent Tagging will send back when processing a document?

Answer: all metadata types documented (if found in the document), will be provided by Intelligent Tagging.


Who actively uses this service?

Answer: Investment Management firms, Hedge funds, Banks, Media Publishers, CRM platforms. Of course Thomson Reuters uses the service internally and is heavily relying on it in the Thomson Reuters products (Eikon, Reuters News agency, Broker Research business, content collection, Risk products, Legal products and more).


Are same entities available in several languages?

Answer: At the moment mostly in English. There is some limited support for French and Spanish. We are working on Chinese and Japanese (mostly on company names extraction) but there is no timeline for this.


What happens when a company changes name? Is there a link between the old and new id?

Answer: Yes. This is the advantage of Intelligent Tagging being part of Thomson Reuters data ecosystem. Companies are represented by PermID and not by names. For example: Reuters. If the company change name – Thomson Reuters analysts log and update that change, and Intelligent Tagging will be aware of the change (and will keep the same PermID with no change). If the company will be acquired by another company – Thomson Reuters records the relationship as hierarchy relationship. See image example.




What happens on when people change position or names?

Answer: We manage the identity of people in a similar way as part of Officers and Directors. Any changes in people’s job, or names will be updated by the Thomson Reuters analysts and Intelligent Tagging is tightly linked to this database.


How timely are the changes reflected?

Answer: Intelligent Tagging pulls the data changes several times a day. The change will be reflected the same day (or day after) the Thomson Reuters analysts are updating the change.


How can I be sure I am alerted of the changes?

Answer: Intelligent Tagging provides the most up-to-date data. It is up to you to build an alerting system to process News, Press Releases, SocialMedia, process through Intelligent Tagging, and generate the alerts based on what relevant information you are looking for.


Ofer Harari

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