is Live! 3 Simple Use Cases to Help Power Your Business, Thomson Reuters’ first open data offering, went live on April 21, 2015. As the portal to Thomson Reuters’ information model, offers your business the opportunity to enhance and enrich your data by giving you a unique identifier for individual data objects called the permanent identifier or “PermID”. There are three ways to extract PermIDs on entity search, record matching, and text tagging via the Open Calais solution.
In a very short time, we have seen 3 simple, yet powerful, use cases emerge:
1.       Use Open Calais to tag articles or other unstructured content to for search and/or analytics.
2.       Use the entity search functionality to update, correct, and enhance similar data in your organization.
3.       If you have your own list of organizations for which you want to realize more information, use the record matching functionality to upload a list of organizations and receive

PermIDs and associated metadata for those organizations.
We at Thomson Reuters are very excited about this offering and invite you to take it for a test drive. Please visit today to get started.

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