Open PermID

Thomson Reuters Open Calais™ & Open PermID

At the heart of Open Calais is the ability to extract high quality linked data. With the introduction of Thomson Reuters Open PermID initiative this already great functionality has been highly improved.

The Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier or PermID is a machine readable, 64-bit number used to create a unique reference —which will never change over time—to a piece of information. The PermID helps customers and partners handle data management challenges, eliminate mapping inconsistencies, reduce operational risk, and streamline end-to-end workflow processes across various platforms. It can be thought of as “the bar code” for information.

Thomson Reuters has been using the PermID company-wide to improve internal data federation. We are making a subset of our PermIDs available to you through an open license. This provides significant and no-cost access to available Thomson Reuters-linked data. In addition to the PermID, we are providing an openly available, though limited, set of descriptive metadata and tools for working with PermID.

We are making PermID’s available through their respective URI’s and these URI’s are freely available in both the Calais Viewer and the Calais API.


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