Open Calais – What’s in it for me?

Open Calais metadata:
– Helps me find what I am looking for
– Helps consistently combine my firm’s content with 3rd party content into a meaningful view
– Enables me to build intelligent alerting on topics and entities I am interested
– Is used to generate a view of – what’s trending now. What seems important that I should pay attention to

Why Open Calais or Intelligent Tagging from Thomson Reuters:
– A technology platform built by Thomson Reuters for internal use, and being used INTERNALLY by Thomson Reuters, daily since 2008. Intelligent Tagging is powering Reuters News, Thomson Reuters Eikon, WestLaw Next and many other Thomson Reuters products.
– A state of the art Natural Language and Machine Learning technology, with a stable, scalable and mature platform.
– Use the rich data of Thomson Reuters, data curated daily by thousands of analysts, to generate accurate, relevant and up-to-date metadata. Open Calais heavily relies on the curated data of Thomson Reuters to make a decision on what metadata represent a document. This is a unique offering I could not find elsewhere.
– Always the latest data: Open Calais use the most up to date data (like Organization data, People data, Industries, Deals, Drugs, etc) at any point in time. Intelligent Tagging is constantly connected to the Thomson Reuters rich data, to generate the most accurate metadata.
PermID – Metadata entities and events, provided by Open Calais (or Intelligent Tagging) are disambiguated and resolved to a unique and consistent representation of the exact entity or event. For example: JP, JPMorgan, JP Morgan, JP Morgan Chase will all be mapped to the same company record. Thomson Reuters maintains identity of entities and events by using the PermID (Permanent unique Identifier).

– 360 view: The PermIDs are a navigation links. By using the PermID provided by Open Calais – I can use them to pull and retrieve additional information on an entity. For example: The PermID for JP Morgan can be used to pull Fundamentals data, Estimates, Corporate Actions, Financials, Research and more info on JP Morgan.
By using Open Calais and PermID I can join the Thomson Reuters data Ecosystem. I can enrich/link my content with the professional data from Thomson Reuters (like linking / pulling the Acquisition Deal tearsheet from the Thomson Reuters data, into my News story that mention that deal).
– Maintenance and Scale: Intelligent Tagging is being maintained by a group that is a little less than 100 people, who continuously evolve, enhance and maintain the service. Thomson Reuters take Intelligent Tagging seriously because Intelligent Tagging is the foundation of many or its products.
– The same service used inside Thomson Reuters platforms, is now offered for users (Open Calais) and customers (Intelligent Tagging).

In the next posts we will discuss the advantage of using Thomson Reuters professional data to generate metadata, and in more details some main Use Cases like –
– Improve search.
– Awareness and alerts
– Alpha generation
– Relationship graph and contextual content integration

Ofer Harari

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