Open Calais PermID and DBPedia IDs

I have been asked by one of our users what is the relationship between PermID and DBpedia IDs.
The answer is – there is no one to one mapping that we provide.
However I proposed the following options:
The metadata types called SocialTags are links to Wikipedia. So you can take a SocialTag and use them to link to Wikipedia: like – for SocialTags=“Ebola virus disease” and DBpedia .
We don’t have direct mapping of permID and DBpedia.

You can try another way (the other way around):
For entries in DBpedia that are of type company, use the name to find the PermID using the Search API
Example from DBPedia:
dbo:type, dbr:Public_company
dbp:name, Apple Inc.

If you send “Apple Inc” to the Search API you should receive the correct company permID.

You can do a one time mapping using Matching from company records in DBpedia to receive their Thomson Reuters permIDs.

Interested in your opinions on this.
Ofer Harari
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