Open Calais Error Messages

We have received a lot of queries from users about error messages. This blog post attempts to provide some basic recommendations.

Open Calais returns messages when it cannot process or complete a transaction due to format or load issues. Such requests are returned in the body of the HTTP response with an HTTP error code.

Recoverable errors are highlighted in yellow in the following tables. When a recoverable error is returned, our recommendation is that you try resubmitting the document up to three additional times, with a sleep of 750 milliseconds between resubmissions.

The error highlighted in green is also recoverable, but is an indication that you have reached your daily quota. In this case, wait to resubmit the document until the next day at 00:00:00 GMT time.

Client Errors
If the submitted request contains an error, a client error message is generated; check the message and adapt the request according to the error message.


Server Errors


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