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  • Seeing how it looks to embed tweets in our News Room with Twitter Blackbird Pie

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    Krista Thomas talks with Scott Koegler at the Web 3.0 conference about how smart marketers can use OpenCalais to improve SEO, increase reader engagement, automate the creation of topic hubs and more.

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    A must see! A quick and easy video introduction to the Semantic Web, from Manu Sporny, President & CEO of Digital Bazaar

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    Mike Carper (@mcarper) of 316 Solutions walks you through the steps in building and maintaining a comprehensive syndication bus in Drupal 6 using FeedAPI, OpenCalais, & Twitter.

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    When we look back, years from now, this decade's Internet Search may seem prehistoric. Perhaps that's why so many companies (including the usual suspects) have begun working toward an enlightened future. Thomson Reuters is one such company, and its OpenCalais project provides what the company likes to call semantic plumbing; you can see what that means in our ReviewCam.

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    Krista Thomas shared an update on the OpenCalais initiative and demo'ed the OpenCalais service at the San Diego Software Industry Council.