Introducing the Tagaroo Plugin

Tagaroo is a WordPress plugin gives you an integration between your WordPress blog and the Calais web service. It leverages the Calais web service to fetch semantic data and return that data as suggested tags. We think it is a great way for bloggers to leverage Calais and we invite you to give it a spin.

We are also proud to announce that Tagaroo is leveraging PermIDs for companies just like Open Calais does. Tags with PermIDs are denoted with an orange stripe and, if you choose to use one of these tags, the link to the corresponding PermID URI will be included in your blog post, both embedded at each mention of the company within the text and at the bottom of the post under “Associated Links”.

We invite you to try Tagaroo and give us your feedback. The plugin will be in beta for the next four weeks, so your feedback is much appreciated. You can download the plugin here.

Thank you.

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