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I try to use the Open Calais REST API with XQuery. I have had no problems with GET requests, but if the content gets biggish the URL would be too long. So I tried POST requests like the "Calais test page" does.
Unfortunately all I get from Calais is an <Error> with an <Exception> containing the stack trace of a NullPointerException. To reproduce this go to and copy&paste the following code which does the corresponding POST request:
import module namespace rest = "";

let $content := "Hello John Doe."
let $paramsXML := '<c:params xmlns:c="">
    <c:processingDirectives c:outputFormat="Text/Simple"/></c:params>'
let $p := <rest:payload content-type="multipart/form-data">
    <rest:part name="licenseID">6vktr24npxk3z828ys5bvmv6</rest:part>
    <rest:part name="content">{fn:encode-for-uri($content)}</rest:part>
    <rest:part name="paramsXML">{fn:encode-for-uri($paramsXML)}</rest:part>
let $response := rest:post("", $p)
return $response

I also tried to specify the content type as "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and put the argument line as a whole in the payload. But this results in a 403 response code (which I find confusing as well).
Every comment is appreciated.

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I tried the demo page as you suggested above. You are missing the contentType parameter in parameter XML. So I copied the parameter XML from our example page at

I still got the null pointer exception. Following the stack seems like the server side code is not able to parse the parameters XML properly. I am not familiar with Zorba a lot, so not sure what the alternative can be here. But it has something to do with the way it passes the parameters XML to our server i.e. encoding, escaping, etc.


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You're right, it seems that the post function already does the encoding of the parameters, so they're encoded twice. In my example code above, just remove the fn:encode-for-uri function calls and it works (even without the contentType parameter in paramsXML).

Thanks! :-)