This page provides you with a shortcut to information on some of the major Calais tools and capabilities. To explore additional tools, example code and other assets please visit the Showcase. We also suggest that you check out the numerous postings in our Forum as well as the postings by the Calais developer community on Drupal's website.

OpenCalais Web Service

Documentation on the OpenCalais Web Service API. Includes information on how to call the API, the results format and the range of metadata types returned.

Calais Linked Data

Documentation on Calais Linked Data: Calais Entities and Retrieval of RDF Responses.

Calais Marmoset

Calais Marmoset enables your site to automatically provide microformat metadata to Yahoo and other automated metadata crawlers.

Calais Tagaroo

The Tagaroo WordPress plugin supercharges your WordPress blog with automated tag suggestions and Flickr image searching and incorporation. The latest release includes social tagging, relevance scoring, more event tags, and document categorization.

OpenCalais Submission Tool

The Submission Tool performs semantic analysis of files supplied by the user via a series of submission screens. No coding is required on the part of the user.

Calais Logos

Logos in jpeg and gif formats for your use on Calais output.

Extending Existing Feeds with Calais Document Identifier

Guidelines for including the Calais document identifier in existing RSS feeds.