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Just a quick note to inform you of a helpful new DevX article by James Leigh, and a thoughtful blog post by his editor, Mike Rohde, in the DevXtra Editor's blog.

Find linked excerpts below and let us know your thoughts.


"Many digital documents reside on the web and other networks, but few of them have sufficient metadata to accurately identify the content. Adding metadata to a document has typically been the burden of the document author, and few authors take the time..."
- James Leigh, DevX contributor & independent software consultant in Toronto.


Semantic Technologies with Functionality
"One of the main issues surrounding ST is a lack of available functionality for the user. Sure, I’ve seen lots of examples, and lots of demos, but nothing grabbed me that made me say, this is way cool, this is something I could use. That is, until now..."

- Mike Rohde, Senior Editor, DevX.

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