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It's about understanding, (not the keywords…)

We want the automation NLP tools to help us improve search of documents, generate accurate and relevant alerts, help us filter out what is not relevant and quickly find what we need. In other cases also find what we didn’t know we need.   To do that we need the automation to really understand what […]

8 things to know when considering semantic metadata in your platform

1. Yes – semantic metadata is critical to enhance search accuracy and relevance. It is also key to generate relevant alerts on entities , events and topics you care about (issuers in my financial portfolio or people I am tracking, etc). 2. A subject matter experts have to be involved in building metadata extraction platform. Not […]

US Elections

If you are covering the US elections, you may be interested in these events. PoliticalRelationship, VotingResults, PollsResults, PoliticalEndorsement, PersonParty, PersonCommunication, PersonRelation, CandidatePosition, DiplomaticRelations, FamilyRelation Read more in the  user guide  . Register. Ofer Harari

Relevance, Confidence, Score

Relevance: How relevant a company to the news story. A news story can mention sometimes 5 to 10 companies. But mostly the News story is about one or two companies. Those main companies will get high relevance score (80%). Relevance score can be 0% (for example Reuters is mentioned in a News story because it […]

Questions on identity-management in Intelligent Tagging powered by Calais

Here are questions I have been asked, and my response: What types of metadata elements Intelligent Tagging will send back when processing a document? Answer: all metadata types documented (if found in the document), will be provided by Intelligent Tagging.   Who actively uses this service? Answer: Investment Management firms, Hedge funds, Banks, Media Publishers, CRM platforms. […]

Open Calais – What’s in it for me?

Open Calais metadata: – Helps me find what I am looking for – Helps consistently combine my firm’s content with 3rd party content into a meaningful view – Enables me to build intelligent alerting on topics and entities I am interested – Is used to generate a view of – what’s trending now. What seems […]

Glossary of Semantic Technology Terms

Here is a useful glossary of semantic web terms. It provides basic definitions for common terms. Open Calais uses quite a few technologies mentioned here like RDF, entity, Geonames, Natural Language Processing, ontology, OWL. I also enables capabilities  like RDFa, SPARQL, and more. Enjoy. Ofer Harari