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Sentiment scores

Here is how Finch Computing add sentiment scores (Negative, Neutral, Positive) per each entity instance, to your unstrucutured content. 

Thomas Tague

The ClearForest family is deeply saddened by the loss of Thomas Tague. Tom was the driving force behind OpenCalais at its inception and a visionary leader in the world of NLP. We will miss him greatly.

A new Open Calais wordpress plugin from PCIS

This is a guest post from Vaclav Vincalek from a company called PCIS. We host this post because Vaclav is providing a plugin for wordpress based on Open Calais, available for anyone to use. Enjoy. Ofer Harari   Automated Open Calais Tagging for WordPress Laiser Tag from PCIS provides a simple, easy to use automated integration […]