A New OpenCalais Release On the Way

In just about one month we’re going to open up the next release of OpenCalais for beta testing. While the upgrade should be 100% backwards compatible – it’s worth setting aside a little time for testing as well as exploring some new features. 

What’s Coming?

Under the covers there are a number of improvements to our processing pipeline. As an end user you won’t see these – but they set the stage for greater flexibility in the future.

On the user-facing side of the equation you’ll see a number of new entities, facts and events related primarily to politics and intra and international conflict. Doesn’t look like either of those will be going away soon – so we thought they were worth implementing. You’ll see new information in candidates, Party Affiliations, Arms Purchases and a number of others.

In addition to these new items, we’ve also enhanced our SocialTags feature for greater accuracy – in fact, you’ll see a number of accuracy improvements across the board.

Next Steps

So – set aside a little time for a quick test in about a month. If you care about elections and conflict – take a look at the new features. We’ll run the beta for approximately a month to gather any issues and will roll out into production following that.




It's time for spring cleaning and a few new features for OpenCalais

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The current version is

The current version is OpenCalais 4.7, released a few weeks ago. See http://www.opencalais.com/blog.

New Features

Can't wait to see your new features. Is there a date for the new release?

Also, are there plans to update the .Net version?

Thank you!

Upcoming Release

It's coming, Gisobiz - within a couple of weeks. Some new Entities, some efficiencies, internal housekeeping chores. We hope you'll like it.

Users' applications that are posted in our Showcase rely upon their creators for modifications and updates to stay in line with Calais functionality.