Hi all – just a little snippet of news today.

We’ve been busy working to keep up with the increased demand for Opencalais services. A lot of engineering going on in the background around scalability, performance and reliability.

The good news is that it is all paying off. Over the last three months we’ve achieved 100% uptime while improving performance and a delivering a number of functional improvements in the service - all while seeing growing utilization.

One result of our recent work is that the system is more efficient and scalable. Given our goal of connecting the world’s content – scalability is more than a little important.

And we’d like to share some of those improvements with the OpenCalais community. While we can’t offer everyone unlimited usage – we can turn the dial up a bit. So – effective immediately we’ve increased the daily transaction allowance for OpenCalais to 50,000 transactions per day – a 25% increase.

Of course, OpenCalais continues to be offered at no charge for commercial or non-commercial use. You don’t need to serve ads, embed links you don’t want or anything else. All we ask is that you share your stories of how you’re using OpenCalais with the world.

We’ve signed quite a number of agreements for OpenCalais Professional recently (same service, more transactions and an SLA). Based on what we’re hearing from our users we’re also working on some new pricing models for startups and (enormously) high volume media monitoring applications – more to come soon. If you’re interested in our Professional solutions please drop us a note at professional@opencalais.com and we’ll get back to you right away.

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I'd like to say thanks to

I'd like to say thanks to the creators of Calais. It's a great thing to create semantic metadata for the content. And it works so fast! And the 25% daily translation increase is great.
Best regards, Tod