OpenCalais community members:
I’ll be leaving Thomson Reuters and hence ending my involvement with OpenCalais in the next few weeks. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone – from users to journalists to convention organizers – for making OpenCalais the success it’s been.
The initial years of OpenCalais were among the most amazing in my career. The level of passion, the number of smart people I’ve met and the number of interesting ideas I’ve heard was amazing. While OpenCalais was never a full-time job for me – it was certainly where the majority of my passion lay.
Please stay in touch at or via LinkedIn ( I have no idea where I’ll be heading next – but I’ll keep LinkedIn up to date. Recently I’ve been running all Product and Engineering for Reuters Media – I’m looking for a similar level of challenge.
OpenCalais is being left in good hands. We’ve transferred ownership of the initiative to Philip Kardos – one of my most senior product managers – and I am absolutely confident in the continued stability and growth of the system. And our fantastic and responsive community manager Fran Sansalone’s role remains unchanged.
Thanks again. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve loved every minute of it.
Tom Tague

A departure but OpenCalais continues
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Thank you and good luck!

Good job, and well done...
Thank you and good luck Tom Tague...