This morning we upgraded OpenCalais to release 4.7. Our focus with 4.7 was on a significant improvement in the detection and disambiguation of companies as well as some behind-the-scenes tune-ups and bug fixes. 

If your content contains company names you should already be seeing a significant improvement in detection and disambiguation. While company detection has always been very good in OpenCalais, now it's great.

If you're one of our high-volume commercial clients (1M+ transactions per day), we'll be rolling out your upgrade toward the end of the month. 

And, remember, you can always drop by the OpenCalais viewer for a quick test or exploration of OpenCalais with zero programming involved. 

OpenCalais 4.7 is released.

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getting subjects from the model

I use the following code to get the subjects:
for(ResIterator iter = model.listSubjects(); iter.hasNext();) {
Resource r = iter.nextResource();
for(StmtIterator iter2 = r.listProperties(); iter2.hasNext(); ) {
Statement stmt =;
String predicate = stmt.getPredicate().toString(); // what if the predicate is "subject"?
String objectString = stmt.getObject().toString();
Question: I noticed that there is the "subject" predicate in the Calais model, where the object points to the subject URIs. Can you elaborate on this and recommend on the best strategy to get the main subjects?

Thank you!

profile - email change

For some reason I did not find the profile link where I could check and change my email.
What did I miss?
Please help!



Hi Jeff - Navigate to the

Hi Jeff -

Navigate to the Calais Community page and click on Edit Profile in the right-hand sidebar. That will take you to your user profile page, where you can change your email address.


Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!