Calais Release 4.6 is Available for Beta Testing

As we mentioned in our prior post, Version 4.6 of OpenCalais is now available for beta testing. While we should have 100% backward compatibility – it’s always a good idea to run a set of transactions through and make sure there are no issues.

You’ll see a number of new things in this release:

  • Under the covers we’ve upgraded our core processing engine. While this won’t directly affect you as an end user – it does set the stage for further improvements in the future.
  • We’ve improved the quality of the Company and Person extraction. Not surprisingly, these are two of our most frequently used concepts and we want them to be insanely great – we’re getting there.
  • We’ve updated and refreshed our Social Tags feature. If you haven’t had a chance to experiment with Social Tags in the past, give it a try. This is a great way to immediately improve the “findability” of your content.
  • We’ve introduced six new concepts that we’ll discuss below.

PersonParty extracts information about the affiliation of a person with a political party. CandidatePosition extracts information on past, current and aspirational political positions for a candidate. ArmedAttack extracts information regarding and attack by a person or organization on a country, organization or political figure. MilitaryAction extracts references to non-combative military actions such as troop deployments or movements. ArmsPurchaseSale Extracts information on planned, proposed or consummated arms sales. PersonLocation extracts information on where a person lives or is traveling.

So, it’s the Politics and Conflict pack – always popular topics.

As always, we’ll leave it to you to put these to creative use. A travel map of candidates for a particular position? Who’s running for Mayor today anywhere in the United States? Prospective arms sales across a region?

To access the beta system, simply use your current credentials but point your API calls at More detailed release notes are located here. If you run across issues or have questions please post them to the Calais 4.6 forum.

We plan to run the beta through August 23rd.

As always, thanks for your support, creativity, and for constantly pushing us to improve.



Politics, Conflict and housekeeping - quite a combination!

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When italian language for Calais?

We need to extract informations from italian web pages and implement the results on visual data mining software.
Have you some plan to implement more languages in Calais?


Italian language for Calais

Hello Giancarlo,

We have no plans to expand the language capabilities of OpenCalais at this time.

Sorry to disappoint,