The Nation Magazine, the US's oldest weekly magazine, has relaunched on the state-of-the-art OpenPublish platform from Phase2 Technologies, a Drupal distribution with OpenCalais baked-in.

The Nation Magazine’s redesign is the culmination of an 18-month effort to position the country’s oldest weekly magazine as a thought leader online.

The redesign features strategic product innovations like search-engine friendly “topic pages,” story-level Twitter feeds and instantly customizable homepage and section designs.

This allows The Nation’s editors to respond more quickly to breaking news, and build cross-platform packages around major investigative reporting.

This same technology provides The Nation’s business staff with the flexibility to quickly configure customizable, innovative campaigns for advertisers and marketers.

OpenPublish is a Drupal publishing distribution from Phase2 Technology and Thomson Reuters that features OpenCalais’ semantic functionality throughout.


Visit the all-new The Nation Magazine online here.


The country’s oldest weekly magazine has adopted the newest, most innovative publishing platform on the Web.

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OpenCalais for Wordpress

You talked about Drupal, but I was wondering if there is anything already made for or planned for Wordprees?

 Pronostic Foot


See our Showcase for Dan Grossman's WordPress implementation. Dan is an OpenCalais user, and his is one of the earliest user implementations of OpenCalais: