OpenSSL Security , Heartbleed patch

Hello Open Calais users

As you probably know OpenSSL Security Advisory issued recently the report of a vulnerability in SSL

We are aware of this issue and we have taken necessary precautions. We have upgraded our systems with the required OpenSSL fixes to secure the system.

No actions are required from users.

Let us know if you have further questions or experience something unusual.

Heartbleed patch

Goodbye, Thanks and Stay in Touch

OpenCalais community members:
I’ll be leaving Thomson Reuters and hence ending my involvement with OpenCalais in the next few weeks. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone – from users to journalists to convention organizers – for making OpenCalais the success it’s been.
The initial years of OpenCalais were among the most amazing in my career. The level of passion, the number of smart people I’ve met and the number of interesting ideas I’ve heard was amazing. While OpenCalais was never a full-time job for me – it was certainly where the majority of my passion lay.

A departure but OpenCalais continues

Congratulations! You're Running on OpenCalais 4.7!

 This morning we upgraded OpenCalais to release 4.7. Our focus with 4.7 was on a significant improvement in the detection and disambiguation of companies as well as some behind-the-scenes tune-ups and bug fixes. 

If your content contains company names you should already be seeing a significant improvement in detection and disambiguation. While company detection has always been very good in OpenCalais, now it's great.

If you're one of our high-volume commercial clients (1M+ transactions per day), we'll be rolling out your upgrade toward the end of the month. 

OpenCalais 4.7 is released.

Calais 4.6 is Available for Beta Testing

Calais Release 4.6 is Available for Beta Testing

As we mentioned in our prior post, Version 4.6 of OpenCalais is now available for beta testing. While we should have 100% backward compatibility – it’s always a good idea to run a set of transactions through and make sure there are no issues.

You’ll see a number of new things in this release:

Politics, Conflict and housekeeping - quite a combination!

Spring Cleaning and Some Touch-ups

A New OpenCalais Release On the Way

In just about one month we’re going to open up the next release of OpenCalais for beta testing. While the upgrade should be 100% backwards compatible – it’s worth setting aside a little time for testing as well as exploring some new features. 

What’s Coming?

Under the covers there are a number of improvements to our processing pipeline. As an end user you won’t see these – but they set the stage for greater flexibility in the future.

It's time for spring cleaning and a few new features for OpenCalais

Looking for Thomson Reuters Clients (huh?)

Because usage and registration for OpenCalais is very open (all we really require is a name and an email address) – it’s basically impossible for us to know who’s actually using the service. We know there are many thousands of you out there sending us many millions of documents per day – but we’re a bit in the dark about who the vast majority of you actually are.

Thomson Reuters clients – tell us who you are

Is OpenCalais Dead? - A Posting from Tom Tague

Is OpenCalais Dead?

That was the title of a recent inquiry in our forums and a blog post by a potential user. It’s one of those catchy questions that can develop a life of it’s own - so let’s address it.

Here’s the executive summary: No. It isn’t dead. It’s alive and well and isn’t going away.

Now, a few more details. The OpenCalais team has always been open and transparent about what we’re up to - and we’ll continue that in this note.

Tom Tague sets the record straight in response to recent inquiries.

OpenCalais in the News

OpenCalais has been in the news a fair amount of late, and I wanted to round up the clips for easy review here.

Click here for a round-up of recent features stories, news flashes, profiles and analysis from in and around the industry.

The Nation Magazine Taps OpenPublish To Reach New Readers Online


The Nation Magazine, the US's oldest weekly magazine, has relaunched on the state-of-the-art OpenPublish platform from Phase2 Technologies, a Drupal distribution with OpenCalais baked-in.

The Nation Magazine’s redesign is the culmination of an 18-month effort to position the country’s oldest weekly magazine as a thought leader online.

The redesign features strategic product innovations like search-engine friendly “topic pages,” story-level Twitter feeds and instantly customizable homepage and section designs.

The country’s oldest weekly magazine has adopted the newest, most innovative publishing platform on the Web.

Introduction to OpenCalais

Introduction to OpenCalais

The free OpenCalais service and open API is the fastest way to tag the people, places, facts and events in your content.  It can help you improve your SEO, increase your reader engagement, create search-engine-friendly ‘topic hubs’ and streamline content operations – saving you time and money.

OpenCalais is free to use in both commercial and non-commercial settings, but can only be used on public content (don’t run your confidential or competitive company information through it!). OpenCalais does not keep a copy of your content, but it does keep a copy of the metadata it extracts there from.

Heard the buzz about OpenCalais but still have some fundamental questions? Start with this blog post for a big picture overview.
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