Using Calais With R Language

For Data Scientists out there who are using the R programming language, we have good news: it is possible to use Calais with R code.
While we do not have any sample code available, you would call Calais as a java program following the advice given in this blog:
You can also call R function from java if that works better for you:
If you require any more clarity, by all means email us or post a topic in the "Calais Initiative" forum:
Thank you so much and happy hunting!

It is possible to use Calais with R Language!

Linked Data Awareness Forum

As you probably already know, we at Open Calais have a soft spot for linked data. Call it our bailywick, if you will.
However, we also recognize the fact that linked data, while conceptually not very young, is also not very well understood. Furthermore, we recognize we have customers from a variety of industries, some who might leverage our linked data, some who might not, and some who might not be getting as much out of it as they could.

How familiar are you with the concept of "linked data"?


On Sunday, November 16, 2014, we will be retiring the service from, as part of the Calais Initiative. While it has the potential to be a great service, it’s not living up to its promise as all major websites see it as nothing more than a pesky robot and they also require licensing for the service to derive the desired content.
While we might revisit the idea of replicating this functionality in the future, we currently have no concrete plans to do so. Thank you very much for your use of the product!

Upcoming Changes to OpenCalais

In order to improve the overall functionality of Open Calais, specifically in regard to content related to entities, we are migrating the current Linked Data Cloud for entities to a newer, more comprehensive solution.  The migration will go into within the next few weeks and at this time you will temporarily not be able to access the information from the Cloud by clicking through entities on your results page. When we have a specific date for the cutover, we will repost that here.
We are confident the entity master replacing our current Cloud will be much more effective for users interested in this level of granularity. As such, we appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Changes to our Linked Data Cloud

SSL v3

Open SSL "Poodle" attack - 
 SSL v3 - we have taken all measurement to protect against this vulnerability.

SSL v3 - we have taken all measurement to protect against this vulnerability

Open Calais Users Survey

The Open Calais initiative was launched in 2008 and was the first of its kind to help make the world’s content more accessible and valuable via the automated generation of rich semantic metadata.
We did not introduce many updates to Open Calais in the past few years but this is going to change with your help!
We are currently trying to determine the future of the platform and we need your feedback to make Open Calais even better than it is today . Your input will shape our strategy.

Join us to improve Open Calais!


 Open Calais API will be used in the upcoming Hackathon. 

Open Calais Hackathon in NYC

OpenSSL Security , Heartbleed patch

Hello Open Calais users

As you probably know OpenSSL Security Advisory issued recently the report of a vulnerability in SSL

We are aware of this issue and we have taken necessary precautions. We have upgraded our systems with the required OpenSSL fixes to secure the system.

No actions are required from users.

Let us know if you have further questions or experience something unusual.

Heartbleed patch

Goodbye, Thanks and Stay in Touch

OpenCalais community members:
I’ll be leaving Thomson Reuters and hence ending my involvement with OpenCalais in the next few weeks. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone – from users to journalists to convention organizers – for making OpenCalais the success it’s been.
The initial years of OpenCalais were among the most amazing in my career. The level of passion, the number of smart people I’ve met and the number of interesting ideas I’ve heard was amazing. While OpenCalais was never a full-time job for me – it was certainly where the majority of my passion lay.

A departure but OpenCalais continues

Congratulations! You're Running on OpenCalais 4.7!

 This morning we upgraded OpenCalais to release 4.7. Our focus with 4.7 was on a significant improvement in the detection and disambiguation of companies as well as some behind-the-scenes tune-ups and bug fixes. 

If your content contains company names you should already be seeing a significant improvement in detection and disambiguation. While company detection has always been very good in OpenCalais, now it's great.

If you're one of our high-volume commercial clients (1M+ transactions per day), we'll be rolling out your upgrade toward the end of the month. 

OpenCalais 4.7 is released.
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