Calais for Software Providers

For a general overview of Calais please take a moment to read the About section. If you’d just like to jump in and learn how Calais is relevant to software providers, read on.

Do you build content-driven software?

If you do - the Calais team wants to work with you to incorporate Calais functionality in your tools. We're open to a variety of models from supporting your technical development efforts with 1:1 consulting through shared development projects. 

Why is it relevant?

Calais can add rich semantic metadata to the content managed or processed by your tools. You can use that metadata to organize information, improve search, implement faceted navigation or enable knowledge discovery.

Software Providers is a big category - and we can't suggest specific applications for the software world as a whole. What we do suggest is getting the conversation started. Drop us a note at, let us know what you're thinking about and we'll start talking. 

Start the Experiment

Calais is open for commercial and non-commercial use. If you'd like to start experimenting your developers can be up and running in about one minute. Point them to the Developer page and they'll know everything they need to get started.