Calais for Publishers

For a general overview of Calais please take a moment to read the About section. If you’d just like to jump in and learn how Calais is relevant to publishers, read on.

Publishers want…

Publishing is tough. You need to invest massive resources to produce exceptional content – and then find innovative ways to deliver it to your consumers, add value to it and repurpose it for new monetization opportunities — all under tight time and finance constraints. Calais certainly isn’t a full solution, but it can be an excellent building block on which to build increased content value.

What Calais does

Different areas of this site can provide you with much deeper detail – so let’s keep it simple for the time being. Calais enhances your content with rich semantic metadata. Using your content as a starting point, you can utilize Calais to automatically add metadata such as entities (people, places, organizations, etc.), facts (John Doe work for Acme Corporation as the CEO), and events (a natural disaster of type landslide happened on date x). That metadata is generated in industry-standard formats that ease integration with whatever commercial, open source or proprietary content management system you are using. Metadata in and of itself is not too interesting. Where things get more interesting is what you can do with it. For right now we’ll just provide a few examples of what publishers are doing and planning to do with Calais:

Tag your complete historical archives in hours

Perhaps you’re a complete convert to the value of tagging your content and are doing a great job with new material. But what about the tens of thousands to millions of pieces of historical content you have already produced? Several organizations are in the process of feeding their entire historical archives through Calais and automatically generating high-quality tags and metadata. Doing so, they translate a stale content asset into one that can be actively searched and integrated with other content assets.

Improve user search and content searchability

At best, keyword-based search solves a portion of your users’ search needs. Incorporate semantic metadata into your search solution and you can dramatically improve the user search experience – and this doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply process your content using Calais and append the resulting metadata to your search index. As a simple example, your users can now search for “IBM” and “Management Change” to receive a complete listing of IBM-related hirings, firings, promotions, transfers and new positions – something barely achievable with keyword-based search.

Improve syndication segmentation

If you syndicate your content to others, you can now offer syndication options based on the highly accurate information contained within your Calais metadata. For example, a business-related feed limited to acquisitions and management changes can be automatically generated using Calais.

New information-driven products and services

You know what your clients need. Calais provides the framework for developing value-added products and service for your clients. Content-driven analytics, interactive segmentation, search engine optimization – you’re in the driver’s seat.

Getting started

There’s no off-the-shelf Calais tool to address the entire publishing space. The Calais Web Service serves as the basic building block for your developers to work with. The Calais team is also intensely interested in enrolling publishers in the Calais community and we’re willing and able to invest time and resources to make you successful. Feel free to contact us at to get the conversation started.