Calais for Developers

For a general overview of Calais please take a moment to read the About section. If you’d just like to jump in and learn how Calais is relevant to developers, read on.

Developers want…

Just the facts, please. I know what I want to do – just tell me how it works and how to get my hands on it. Here’s the fast track.

What it is

Calais is a big initiative with a lot of components. What you care about is the Calais Web Service. The web service is an API that accepts unstructured text (like news articles, blog postings, etc.), processes them using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, and returns RDF-formatted entities, facts and events. It takes about 0.5 to 1.0 second depending on how big a document you send and the size of your pipe. You can send four transactions per second and 50,000 per day. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial applications. The rules are flexible: contact us if you have questions. Whew.

Entities are things like people, places, companies, geographies. Facts are relationships like John Doe is the CEO of Acme Corporation. Events are things that happened, like there was a natural disaster of type landslide in place Chula Vista.

What you do with it is up to you. The Showcase area offers dozens of good examples of things people have built.

Get a key

The Calais API needs a key. Registered users can have one in about 30 seconds by filling out the API key request form and checking your email. If you haven't registered yet, complete the registration form first.

Read the documentation

The API is extensively documented. It’s really worth reading. The documentation is located (surprise) in the API Documentation area.

Get some tools

The Calais team and members of the Calais community have produced everything from Java code samples to working applications to libraries for PHP, Ruby and others. The examples are all located in the Showcase. Calais's tools and documentation are located in the Documentation area. 

Communicate, ask questions, brag

This site has a Showcase to share your creations and Forums to ask questions, answer questions and generally talk. Put down the Jolt, take a breath, and tell us what you’re up to.