Beta+? What does that mean? Basically it means we're serious about Calais - but some of the components are very new. The Calais Web Service will be a production-strength, highly scalable, 7x24 capability. We are deploying a tool that you can depend on to build real-world applications supporting real-world web-scale volumes. But it's new. The core Calais capabilities are built on top of production-strength semantic analysis and text extraction software. We've wrapped those capabilities in a newly developed API and implemented the newly developed RDF output format. We expect we'll discover some weaknesses and flaws in the new pieces of the toolkit during the early stages of the web service deployment. The web service itself is deployed across multiple redundant servers with production strength load balancing and 7x24 monitoring. But that's all new and we expect we'll expose some issues in this area as well.

In short - we're on a path to make certain you can rely on the Calais Web Service anytime and anywhere. But, as you build Calais-powered tools you should be aware that it's bound to break at some point during our shakedown period and take that into account.