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Open Calais – What’s in it for me?

Open Calais metadata: – Helps me find what I am looking for – Helps consistently combine my firm’s content with 3rd party content into a meaningful view – Enables me to build intelligent alerting on topics and entities I am interested – Is used to generate a view of – what’s trending now. What seems […]

Glossary of Semantic Technology Terms

Here is a useful glossary of semantic web terms. It provides basic definitions for common terms. Open Calais uses quite a few technologies mentioned here like RDF, entity, Geonames, Natural Language Processing, ontology, OWL. I also enables capabilities  like RDFa, SPARQL, and more. Enjoy. Ofer Harari

Open Calais PermID and DBPedia IDs

I have been asked by one of our users what is the relationship between PermID and DBpedia IDs. The answer is – there is no one to one mapping that we provide. However I proposed the following options: The metadata types called SocialTags are links to Wikipedia. So you can take a SocialTag and use […]

Latest updates (release 9.0)

Have you used the new option to submit PDF to the online viewer? You can use now the option to remove the original text from Open Calais’s response. Look for omitOutputtingOriginalText in the documentation. We are adding optimizations for Broker Research reports. Try broker research report documents and let us know any feedback you have […]