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Please Upgrade!

As we have conveyed to you throughout the past couple of months both on this blog and via email, we have a new and improved Thomson Reuters Open Calais™ and our legacy service will be shutting down AUGUST 31, 2015. If you have not already done so, please consider upgrading to the new API as […]

Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging™ Featured in Exchange Magazine!

In a piece in Thomson Reuters’ Exchange magazine, our own Ofer Harari spells out the virtues of using Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging™ to bring order to the masses of unstructured data on which your company is sitting. This is a great high-level view of how Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging™ works to tag your unstructured text […] is Live! 3 Simple Use Cases to Help Power Your Business, Thomson Reuters’ first open data offering, went live on April 21, 2015. As the portal to Thomson Reuters’ information model, offers your business the opportunity to enhance and enrich your data by giving you a unique identifier for individual data objects called the permanent identifier or “PermID”. There are three ways to extract […]

PHP Code Library for Open Calais!

Very special thanks to Open Calais user Dan Grossman for updating his PHP code library to play with the new Open Calais API! The library can be found here: Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Open Calais Error Messages

We have received a lot of queries from users about error messages. This blog post attempts to provide some basic recommendations. Open Calais returns messages when it cannot process or complete a transaction due to format or load issues. Such requests are returned in the body of the HTTP response with an HTTP error code. […]

Open Calais Relevance Scores

Continuous relevance scores, which were supported by legacy Open Calais have been slightly modified; in the new Open Calais, relevance scores are expressed as discrete values (except for the company entity which is given both discrete and continuous relevance scores). All extracted entities have an associated RelevanceInfo tag that indicates how centric the entity is […]

Open Calais Provides Direct Links to Open PermID

The new openpermid attribute of the Company and TopmostPublicParentCompany disambiguation types (er/company and er/TopmostPublichParentCompany tags) gives you direct access to high quality, curated Thomson Reuters company data. The attribute value is a direct link to the relevant company page on the Open PermID website ( An example of the openpermid attribute in the Open Calais […]